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If you accessed this page, it means you may have a question on personal data protection side.

Please send us your question by filling in this Contact form

We prepared some details for you below, in order to ease the process:

  • Please note that you can choose to fill in this Form in the convenient language.

  • arAll form’s fields are mandatory to be filled in by choosing one option or with detailed information, as the case.

  • In case the information you provided to us is not enough to identify you or to fulfil your request, we will contact you via the e-mail address you provide us to ask for information we need.

  • Please make sure you provide only your information and not information about other persons.

  • Please provide a valid e-mail address that is yours and not of others.  

We will process the information you provide to us via your request form, as well as the information comprising personal data we deliver to you in accordance with your request, for the purposes to: 

  • Address your request related to processing of personal data (based on our legal obligation to address data subject’s requests) 

  • Archiving of the request, according to applicable legal provisions and internal procedures (based on our legal obligations – as applicable to retain evidence of such requests and on our legitimate interest to protect our rights and interests in this field, normally not longer than the applicable statute of limitation in personal data protection field investigations). 

After the elapse of the archiving period, we will erase/irrevocably anonymize your data.

For general information and more details related to personal data processing and specific rights in this context, we provide, maintain and update information within the Website Privacy Notice  of this website.