About us


ARCwaste Collection SRL is a collective organization whose goal is correct e-waste management, as to fulfill the ecological obligations of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers.

ARCwaste Collection SRL ensures the collection and handling of WEEE in authorized installations, thus avoiding the elimination of pollutants in the environment, and at the same time saving most of the reusable materials used in their manufacturing. These by-products are then reintegrated into the production cycle, in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

The mission of ARCwaste Collection SRL is to achieve the objectives of WEEE collection and recycling on behalf of the producers whose responsibilities we partake, in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation, while pursuing the compliance with relevant European standards of our contractual partners.


The future of the planet depends on our mindfulness and availability to preserve the environment. According to this principle, waste management, as a form of environmental investment, is a priority for us.

We believe in our power to change things, one responsible decision at a time. We act accordingly, both in our own name and in the name of those who choose to partner up with us. Therefore comes our commitment to use environmental resources wisely and to protect our planet, for ourselves and for those around.

How do we collaborate?

Based on the operating license no. 14 from 06.05.2021, issued by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, ARCwaste concludes contracts with e-producers or with their authorized representatives, taking responsibility over their e-waste management.

ARCwaste was established based on Law no. 31/1990, being registered at the Bucharest Trade Register under no. J40 / 5438/2020, CUI 42537035, based on Resolution no. 58011 / 25.05.2020 issued by the Trade Register Office attached to the Bucharest Court.